BACa Memorial Softball Tournament and Aurora Sports Park Rules & Guidelines

THIS IS A CHARITY EVENT! Many of the umpires, field managers and staff donate some or all their time and energy to put on this event.  Please help us in making this a great event by cleaning up after yourselves and maintain the spirit of the event with kindness and respect for others and the fields

PLEASE JOIN US AT 8 PM Friday, July 28th on B1 for a group picture, moment of silence and remembrance and hear about why this event is so important to our softball community.

Aurora Sports Park Rules

ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS or ANIMALS* allowed anywhere at Aurora Sports Park (including the parking lot).  There are officers working the event to ensure 100% compliance. If you are caught by park or event staff, you will be required to leave the event. If you are caught by an officer, you will be ticketed. Also, NO PARKING ON GRASS, HITTING BP ON THE GRASS OR TURF FIELDS, BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO UMPIRES, PARK STAFF, OR VOLUNTEERS. BACa volunteers will also be enforcing these rules – no exceptions. PLEASE do not make this an issue. 
*For more information about service dogs and acceptable areas for pets plus more general park information, please check out the Aurora Sports Park FAQ HERE.

Tournament Rules

We will be following 2023 USSSA Rules and director discretion (pitching, run rules, player substitutions, etc.).  TEAM MANAGERS are responsible for their team players conduct. No exceptions.


  • Men’s and Women’s – A team can have up to 3 players ranked a single classification higher than your team is ranked. If you have 4 or more players ranked a single classification higher, then you have to play that higher division. If a D team has 4 C players, they will play Open.  No B players or higher can play with a D or E Division.
  • COED – Women can play down one level and you can have as many women play down one level. Men cannot play down at all.  Whatever your highest ranking man is, you have to play at that level.  If you have one guy that is B, your team will be B.


  • All bats must be 240 only and have a USSSA stamp (no senior, wood, baseball or fastpitch bats), and pass bat compression. If a player or pitcher was hit or when an umpire wants a random bat tested, we test the bat and it fails, bat is removed from the game. Player will be ejected if they are caught using a failed bat again and team will take an out in the players batting position.
  • Balls – We will ONLY allow an 11” Classic W for Women.  We will ONLY allow a 12” Pro M for Men.  We are following 2023 USSSA current ball guidelines.  For COED we will be using both the women’s and men’s balls as outlined above.
  • Completed rosters are due before the team’s first game. A SIGNED ROSTER (CLICK HERE) must be submitted prior to your first game. Any roster protest requires a $100 cash and it must be done before the game ends.  The Tournament Director will address immediately with an ID check and player review per USSSA guidelines.


  • Helmets/Masks are required for the pitchers, NO EXCEPTION. Pitching is 3′ from release and must go down 3′ for a legal hump. Height max is 10′. The pitcher’s toe must toe the rubber. All pitching rules will follow 2023 USSSA guidelines. Pitchers get an option of a courtesy runner anytime.


  • 55 Min Game Times – 2 HR then outs unless team purchased unlimited HRs (will have bracelet). Each team has the option to purchase unlimited home runs for the entire day for $100.
  • Mulligan Bracelet allows 1 offensive “do over” per game.
  • Run Rules are 20 after 3, 15 after 4, 10 after 5.
  • Extra innings will be 1-pitch.
  • 2 on-deck batters allowed.
  • All batters start with a 1 and 1 count and there is NO courtesy foul in any division. 
  • Players can play anywhere in the field.
  • Any team can buy away another team’s homeruns for $100 and they will only be allowed the standard 2 HR per gender. No Buy backs.
  • Guy walks, girl walks anytime (with exception of extra innings).
  • COED: Extra innings will be 1-pitch. Girls must bat – cannot auto-walk.
  • Pitchers get an option of a courtesy runner at any time and each team is allowed 1 additional courtesy runner per gender per inning. 
  • If your back foot is in front of home plate when you make, contact with the ball, you are out.
  • Rain Delay – in progress games will resume as being played, any games after that go to 1 pitch until we are caught up on time.


  • We will follow the Colorado Women’s run spotting guidelines of 3 runs max,  Higher ranked team receives automatic home if they decline the run spot.


  • Unlimited Courtesy Runners on roster (doesn’t have to be in line-up)
  • Start with 1 and 1 count and women get a courtesy foul.
  • 6’ Commitment line means you must continue past the home plate line.
    Any pitch that hits the mat is a strike if it has a 3’ hump and a max height of 10.’
  • If pitching screen is used (optional) any ball hitting the screen is a dead ball (and you can foul out by hitting screen).
  • The pitching screen must be within 6” of the mound.
  • If the pitching screen is used, after ball is hit fair the pitcher is unable to be the 1 st defensive player to field the ball and the screen is considered live (players can knock it over as needed).
  • Max of 5 runs per inning until the open inning that occurs at the start of any inning started after 50 minutes.
  • No pump faking during pitching.


  • A minimum deposit of $150 to register teams will be due by July 21st to be entered into the tournament.  This will be a non-refundable deposit unless you remove yourself from the event before July 21st, 2023. 
  • The remainder of the tournament fees will be collected PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST GAME and A SIGNED ROSTER (CLICK HERE) must be submitted.  Payment methods accepted at the sports park: PayPal(, Venmo(@BACa-Foundation), credit cards, and cash. 


  • Derby will be at 8:00pm at the B Complex Friday night. Fee to enter each event is $20, payable on our website or at the park the night of the derby.   Each participant will get 8 balls and must swing at 7 (you are allowed one passed ball).
  • If you hit a home run with your last ball, you will keep going until you miss.  Player with the most home runs will win. 
  • Ties will be given 3 additional balls each (including 1 pass) until the tie is broken. 
  • You will need to provide your own pitcher and be ready to go at the start of the Home Run Derby. 
  • We ask that you also assist in the ball retrievals as well.
  • Women will hit from 2nd base.
  • Any bats or balls are allowed for the Home Run Derby. We will have balls supplied or you may bring your own.


  • This women-only event will be 8:00pm at the B Complex Friday night.  Fee to enter each event is $20, payable on our website or at the park the night of the derby.   Each participant will receive 8 balls to hit during the challenge. Players must swing at a minimum of 7 out of the 8 balls.
  • Players earn 1 point for each successful hit that passes (ground or air) within the designated cone zones. The ball must pass through the cones, or no point awarded. Players will choose whether to begin hitting towards 3rd base or 1st base. Once a starting base has been selected, players must proceed either counterclockwise or clockwise for the remainder of the challenge, depending on the chosen starting base. Players are not allowed to randomly hit towards any spot; they must follow the predetermined sequence. If a player successfully hits the assigned cone zone on their last ball, they can continue hitting until they miss.
  • Direct hits on cones will count as 1 point. Ties will be given 3 additional balls each (including 1 pass) until the tie is broken. You will need to provide your own pitcher and be ready to go at the start of the Women’s Hitting Placement Challenge.  We ask that you also assist in the ball retrievals as well. Any bats or balls are allowed for the Women’s Hitting Placement Challenge. We will have balls supplied or you may bring your own.


Weather Policy

Any rain out or similar Act of God that causes us to have to cancel any part of the tournament will result in a credit based on number of games played (example we have a 2 game guarantee, so if you play 1 game we would refund 1/2 of your entry fees paid including mulligan and home run fees).  If the game guarantee is met no credit or refund will be given.  Once a game starts it is considered a game played regardless of inning count.  If you decide to take a refund you will not be included in any coin flip for prizes. We will adhere to the City of Aurora’s Weather Policy. For more information, CLICK HERE.

The important thing is to have fun and help us raise money to support!  We look forward to another amazing weekend of softball, fun and raising money to help people affected by cancer in our softball family.  Please remember that everyone that is out here is donating their time and energy to make this a great time for a great cause.  Thank you everyone for your amazing support!