Since Shari Baca was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon and Liver cancer in 2012 the Colorado softball community has been having an annual softball tournament to raise funds to assist her in keeping her focus on fighting this awful disease.  Sadly, Shari Baca passed away after a 4 year battle against the disease; however, the annual Memorial Softball tournament lives on as the main fundraiser for the BACa Foundation.  Every dollar raised at this event is given back to provide financial support to those affected by cancer in our Colorado Softball Community.  Please join us in supporting those affected by this disease and continuing her legacy of giving back to others.

To participate in this years event go to our Facebook page and sign up.  Our annual tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday August 12th and 13th at Aurora Sports Park.  You can find our more information at:
Tournament Registration
Manager's Name
Team Name
Division (Men's, Women's, Coed)
Classification (Lower cannot have more than 4 D players)
Tel.: 303-748-5581
         ***Early Bird Pricing Till June 30th***
Men's $300/Men's with Unlimited Homers $400
Coed $300/Coed with Unlimited Homers $400
Women's $300

Who Is Playing

Men's Upper

Women's Upper

Coed Upper

Toxic - Pd
​Team Baca/ByU 
Mixed Company
Village Idiots
Carpe - Pd
Myxd Company

Men's Lower

Women's Lower

Coed Lower

Contact Us
BACa Foundation
15928 East 108th Avenue
Commerce City, CO 80022